Ryuujin Sword
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Type Magic Sword
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Ryuujin Sword (龍): Created by the orb of The Dragon, it contains all of the powers of the six other orbs, from Water to Ice. Whenever he uses it, the Raijin-ken changes its shape turning into the Ryūjin-ken. This also happened when he used the orb on Onimaru's Fūjin-ken when the Raijin-ken was swallowed by Kaguya-hime. The orb has 3 abilities: One, Yaiba can now fly while holding the sword. Two, it can create a powerful energy shield that can block projectiles. And three, he can summon the Dragon God by activating all of the orbs, including the Dragon Orb as well to unveil its ultimate power.

The power of Ryujin is Based of Legendary Spheres

水 Sphere of the God of Water It can throw jets of water and dominate the seas. Located in Lake Biwa.

金 Sphere of the Metamorphoses It allows its bearer to become the person, creature or object that he wants. Located in Shikoku .

火 Red Dragon's Sphere It has the ability to launch fire projectiles, in addition to making its carrier immune to heat. Located in Mount Aso, Kyushu.

大 Sphere of the Increases It allows you to increase the size of your carrier, temporarily converting it into a giant. Located in Buddha statue in Nara.

闇 Sphere of Darkness It can swallow any person, sending it to the World of Darkness. Located in Niigata spheres shop.

氷 Ice sphere It has the ability to create blocks of ice and freeze water. Located in Hokkaido.

当 Sphere of the Enlightenment It is a talking sphere, which knows where all the other spheres are and how to reach them. Located in Tōhoku.

龍 Sphere of the Dragon God It gives its bearer the ability to fly, create shield of energy, a dragon avatar and a powerful energy blast what can  destroy the earth in full power. It also contains the powers of six previous spheres: that of Water, that of Metamorphoses, that of Red Dragon, that of Increases, that of Darkness and that of Ice. Located in Crater of Mount Fuji.