Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human
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Status alive
Location Japan
Musashi's old rival, this master swordsman was resurrected by the Spiderman in order to become Onimaru's servant. Bent on taking revenge on Musashi, he later sees a new rival in Yaiba who manage to beat him with the power of Raijin. He the decide to follow Yaiba in order to steal his magical sword, but ends up as a stationary member of the group. He wields a magical Katana named Monohoshizao (lit. Laundry Pole), and its blade can stretch at will on command. He joins the Oda Nobunaga Tournament in the last arc but is defeated along the way by Omnimaru.


Monohoshizao (lit. Laundry Pole) is a Magical katana can stretch at will on command.