Kaguya, Moon Empress
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Moon Rabbit



First Appearence

Kaguya Arc

Kaguya is the secondary antagonist of Yaiba.


Kaguya is the Empress of the Moon and the ruler of a race of bunny people living on the moon. She awakens after sensing the energy of Yaiba's Dragon Orb, and launches an invasion of earth using bamboo-styled spaceships. She had conquered the world a thousand years before, but the priest of the Dragon God defeated her by cutting off her ears and sealing them within the spirit of the Dragon Maiden, and each Dragon Maiden down the line. She eventually merges with her people and planet Earth but is sealed by Yaiba using Ryuujin's power.

She reappears during the penultimate arc, where she fuses with Sayaka and reluctantly agrees to help Yaiba defeat Onimaru and the Yamata no Orochi. After Onimaru and the dragon are defeated, Kaguya and her people return to the Moon, hoping to restore it back into a beautiful planet.

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Energy Manipulation

  • Energy Blasts


Absorption Youth: extract of young human females to add to her own

Hair Manipulation

Stronger physical characteristics

  • High-Low Regeneration

Fusing: Can fuse with other beings, living or inanimate, and add their special abilities to her own Same as her true form but much stronger, Same as her fusion with Dragon Maiden, but to a lower degree

  • Elemental Manipulation (has displayed manipulation of Earth, Water and Lightning)
  • Weather Manipulation.

Weaknesses: Every 24 hours she needs to drain the youth of a young woman in order to maintain her youthfulness

  • Kaguya fuse Dragon Maiden
  • Kaguya Fuse Earth
  • Kaguya True Form